Temple of Zios

Deep in Jamaa is the jungle land, Temple of Zios. As AJHQ says 'Its a jungle out there', and being safe is hard sometimes. Here, in the Temple of Zios tab is all the posts you need to know to play safe, from normal, online safety to scams to avoid, the page will have it all.


Scams to avoid:

-'Trade me i never accept' trade 'em a good rare for their bad one, and bam! They'll accept.

-'Send me stuff and i'll send you better' must I explain?

-'Send me stuff i'm poor/its my birthday' be sure to only send them stuff that you don't like, not stuff you wouldn't if it wasn't their b-day/or if they weren't 'poor' because most of the time they LIE D:

-'Send me stuff, (insert number here) gift gets___' i've tried that, sending them unwanteds. Three and a half quarters of the time they DON'T give anyone anything.

Quick tip:

Personal information of any kind is a HUGE no-no in Animal Jam. I once got suspended for telling a buddy about Animal Jam Good Times, so keep in mind even if your saying something perfectly fine if you have to skirt around the filter to say it, then you could get banned.

Remember, NEVER give out your name, age, phone or any personal information. These are absolute STRANGERS 


  1. Hi,
    I just stumbled upon this blog and I LOVE IT! You agree with a lot of what i try to do- NM encouragement, be a Jammer not a scammer, etc- and also whoever wrote that story to explain why it is best to have two dens for an Alpha training camp is 1. a pawsome writer :3 and 2. inspired me and now i'm gonna write about AJ or AJ stories as well! I know I can write, but I never thought of doing it about this before... :D! I am also on at least once a day, but sometimes it's just to sign on... It depends on how interested I am in the game at the time. Also, from reading this wonderful blog I'm gonna try and figure out what I'm actually going to do with myself in Jamaa. I'm interested in clans and Jamaasian roleplay- the page on that was super helpful btw- and also the culture/animals and habits of them in Jamaa, and, of course, NM support and helping members and nonmembers stop exchanging so many insults. I have also started an on-and-off project with my sister to help Jammers enjoy Jamaa... So many Jammers nowadays spend time asking for trades or some such, and I think everyone's forgotten what Jamaa was meant to be... I looked to the illustrations in the AJ Insiders' Guide and now this is part of what I do! My username is Twilightsparklefairy and my hardly played NM account is Twilightsparklenm, btw

  2. Hey! I just came across this blog too! I was on "The Animal Jam Whip" and I clicked "Other Blogs" and BAM!!! I was on THIS blog, which is TOTALLY AWESOME!!( Don't tell Nafaria9 but I kind of like this blog better :D)


I want to keep the Animal Jam Good Times a positive and family-friendly place, which means I have some rules:

1. No swearing/cussing

2. No arguing with each other, or pointlessly saying rude things

3. If there is bad spelling/bad grammer/something confusing about the page or post, don't hesitate to say so,

4. Please don't randomly ask for people to send you rares.

5. Have fun :3

Comments that break these rules will be deleted, and if an anonymous person posts a comment breaking a rule (such as cursing, I've had that happen before D: ) then anonymous posting will be removed for around a couple days.

Thanks and play wild!
- Suzi00