Saturday, November 29, 2014

Introdoucing... The Otter Movement

Greetings jammers,

The Jamaalidays start tomorrow, but even the infectious cheer is a little half-hearted. Right, that's a bit of an exaggeration but I know of some Jammers who are disappointed... Why? Well, that's simple. All the new animals are diamond shop and member, Return of the Phantoms, the Phantom Portal and Meet Cosmo are a little dull and sky wallpaper is a little measly. Only this morning I considered these things. Let me cut to the chase! I'm basically starting a movement that hopefully wouldn't be needed after Christmas. My hope is that you and me and your buddies and their buddies and my buddies and their buddies can bomb AJHQ with these two messages "Give nonmembers happy jamaalidays, make otters nonmember and 1000 gems!" and "Give nonmembers happy Jamaalidays, make the hive nonmember and a new wallpaper and two new floors for them!", at least, something along those lines. I'm hoping, by Christmas, enough jammers will ask. If not, then we'll just keep workin' until then! I know my ideas are far-fetched, but I believe nonmembers deserve this Jamaalidays Gift! My parents didn't let me get a membership at first, like most nonmembers. Or, perhaps, they can't afford it! I'm not condemning membership, it what keeps AJ alive! But I believe AJHQ needs to do this, a lot of nonmembers quit sometimes! AJHQ themselves said that great things happen when jammers stand together! So join me, friends, simply put those two messages in the Sol Arcade, Jam Mart Clothing or Furniture, Party or Pet Tree suggestion box (click on a floating, purple question mark!) Hit send, and know that you have made a difference.

Thank you.


Oh, and woot for my new follower and 70th post! Nearly 2000 views as well! Yay!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Animal Jam Thanksgiving Celebration!

Hey Jammers!

I don't think I can post on Thanksgiving, but here is an idea on how to celebrate Feast of Thanks at your den!!

First off, decorate your den!! Maple Leaf Rugs, Cornucopias after Cornucopias, Fall Wreaths, Waffle Cone Display, tables(s) with every food item you can get! So, basically: theme everything fall and food! Also, Candy Apples, Lollipops Stands, Carrot Patch, Tomatoes...

Fire Drums are cool too, I don't know why, but those seem fall-like to me!

I mentioned NONmember items, but for member items go ahead and do feast tables and fruit/veggie baskets etc.

Then, invite your buddies, close and less-close alike! My buddy, Rikkirik, is my real life best friend. Our families celebrated Thanksgiving with them for every year, and then this year she moved two states away. We video chatted and played Animal Jam and that was something that helped the hard transition. This Thanksgiving is going to make me sad, so the day before I'm going to try to celebrate it with Rikkirik. Anyway, its good to get your friends, whether the ones you really know or the ones you know in Jamaa, and talk about what your thankful over while your pretending to eat food on top of your normal Thanksgiving! Yay for Feast of Thanks (giving)


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Awkwardness is Overrated ^-^

Hey jammers!

I don't have much to say, other then: don't be awkward! You can go sing the My Little Pony theme in a random person's den (like I recently did...) while looking like a very weird elephant, don't be shy! xD

Other then that, I'm excited for Thanksgiving and I found this cool New Jammer:

My buddy also invited me to a Car Wash she found!

Nice idea, Miniondave353!

Have fun jamming!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Interview of A New Jammer

Hey jammers!

It's still Fall, and it's still Feast of Thanks but... Twists and Turns is gone?! Well, yes, except in the Adventure Base Camp! Phew.... That got me worried!

Anywho, I interviewed a new jammer and gave her some colored items as a thanks for letting me interview her!

I'm going to be interviewing some more new jammers soon!

This will be in the Sarepia Forest page, but to make your life easier i'll also put it here:

Twinkle=New Jammer  Me=Suzi00 (me) not asking questions 

When did you join?

Twinkle: I joined an hour ago

Why did you join?

Twinkle: It is fun and there are cute animals.

Whats your favorite part of AJ so far?

Twinkle: The Animals

Why did you choose a koala?

Twinkle: It is cute and it is not big and not cute like a wolf.

What’s your least favorite thing about Animal Jam so far?

Twinkle: Mean Animals

Me: Mean Jammers (They are the players)

Twinkle: Cute deer

Me: Thanks :D

What are you most interested about in AJ?

Twinkle: The Adventures.

 Is there any questions you have?

Twinkle: No

So, have you done any decorating (animal or den) yet?

Twinkle: Not really

On that note, I gave her her colored items and visited her den. I look forward to see her jamming some more! Ugh, I envy being a New Jammer.

Have fun jamming, new jamming or not!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Study of Jammers 1: 'Adopters' Part 1

Hey jammers!

I'm starting a small series of posts about types of jammers. For the sake of this, no matter how opinionated I am (approval or disapproval) I shall simply be there to observe, interview and interact slightly.

First off, I encountered the oddest glitch: I was my own buddy!! I could send gifts to myself and a few weird side effects occurred. I sent the pictures in to Animal Jam Spirit, it would be cool to be featured there! Now, for a bit of info:

The pillow room is almost always where this happens. Its basically a bunny usually saying stuff like 'Is cute baby adopt me please' and/or an fox (or ___ animal, but fox is popular) 'I need a child' or something like that. They find each other, the fox takes the bunny 'baby' home and then the 'baby' pretends to grow up and the new 'mom' has to feed the baby and whatnot, and its basically a game of 'house'. 

I actually joined AJ from reading Wikihow articles on how to adopt, and I was fascinated. For maybe three/four months I adopted kids/pets or pretended to be a kid/pet. Being a 'mom' or pet parent is hard, you have to keep the pet/child constantly entertained. I've since stopped adopting 'children' when I asked AJHQ and they said it was unsafe behavior. I still adopt pets now, and one has give me a lot of sadness/joy. I mentioned and showed in earlier posts my eagle, Arctic. He start blind, stopped being blind and was a loyal companion and friend in almost everything I did.  He took more to dating then he usually did at one point and since I was more preoccupied with my blog, I was unbuddied. I'm not angry at him much, though I do miss him lots. His player card is shaded grey, and that makes me unhappy, because I guess I had a fleeting hope that Arctic would come and stay back, but he know I strongly disapproved of dating (I might not cover that because I'm so opinionated...). If he reads this ever, then I want to thank him for being a loyal friend for the time I knew him. I'm still really fond of my old eagle, (he has since changed his colors, making me a little sad) and for his privacy I shall not reveal his username here. Sorry for the ramble! So, thats the beef of adoption, and more will come soon with interviews and whatnot.

Have fun jamming!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

'Login World Error', I might miss today's post.

Argh, dem log-in world errors.

Coming soon posts:

A study of jammers through screenshots

Tracking down 'Anathem6' and any other AJHQ accounts

Another New Jammer Experiment...

Excited to start the posts when I can!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pink Penguin Power

Hello jammers!

This is just a friendly reminder that I need a new Jammer of the Week, if anyone is interested, and that penguins look great in pink!

Now, i'm not much of a pink person, but I love how cute the penguin looks in it ^.^

I haven't walked my old hamster, 'Seabird' in a while...

Thanks so much for the pink headfeather, Rikkirik!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

AJHQ's Email

)Continuation of:
Tier 2 (CS 2)
Hello Jammer,
Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Support Headquarters! We think that is a purrfect question!
We all know that Jamaa is a magical land that is filled with fun and mystery. We suggest asking your fellow Jammers. We have heard rumors and reports that throughout Jamaa, special and amazing things happen when Jammers gather. We suggest checking our blog, The Daily Explorer.
To find the answer you're looking for, click here:
For all the latest news be sure to read the Jamaa Journal newspaper and The Daily Explorer every day!
We hope that you find this helpful. If you have other questions, we'd love to hear from you again!
All the best and play wild!
Animal Jam HQ
Have you seen the new Sky Kingdom Den? It's the newest and biggest DEN in Jamaa! Get yours in the Diamond Shop today.

Have a good day/night jammers!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day

Hey Jammers!

This is for American Jammers!

Today I posted flags by graves and gave cards to veterans at Forest Lawn, a graveyard. I also watched half of a ceremony honoring the veterans, and heard the saddest amazing grace i've ever listened to on bagpipe for a wonderful soldier that died the day before my birthday (June 10) this year! Its happy to know that so many brave men and women love and serve America, but also sad for all the people lost to bring America to where it is now :'c

I got a wee bit teary, only a little, but it was so bittersweet...

Now, when I got home I felt I needed to do a bit more of honoring, so I danced in red, white and blue and said stuff like 'Dance to honor our veterans, fallen and alive!'

And, then, other people came. Some people were patriotic, and some people lost loved ones, like someone who lost their father, and someone who's grandfather fought in the army (my grandfather, that I never met because of cancer, was an army doctor!).

It was wonderful:

This one was a little goofy:

And some people that were British, Canadian and even Irish were dancing/commenting on our dancing as well!

I know some of you see Veterans Day as an excuse not to go to school, but this is serious stuff. People have died for America, and lived hard lives for us. Great bravery, great injury and great loss has been for our country, for us! 

And even for the rest of the world.

So, just take a moment to think about the fallen and living veterans, and be thankful.

Thankful for our country of freedom, thankful for bravery and thankful for our wonderful veterans!

Even if your not reading this on Veterans Day.

Even if your not American

Honor your Veterans.

Have a fabulous Veterans Day jammers,



Here is a den decoration that you can replace with YOUR country's flags, with a nice little memorial wreath like some I saw.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Email Post coming soon!

Today i'm going to write an email to AJHQ asking about hidden secrets as well as saying i'm hacked.

I'll post the email as soon as it comes!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

AJ Quests: The Quest for the Zios Amulet

Dear Jammers,

I am starting a journal I call AJ quests, where I try to find specific items. Like most of the fun AJ activities, this quest depends on other jammers and socially interacting with them. Feel free to make up your own AJ quests or use my ideas, you can even keep a journal! But, however, if you do, please credit me as the source of these :-)

Credit to Mister Chunkybuddy's Animal Jam Cheats and Codes with inspiring this specific quest with his Zios Necklace theory.

This all really happened, talking with the jammers I mean, but the 'legends' are more or less made up by me.

Day 1.

Rumor has it that Mira and Zios made an amulet, one forged in the shape of a phantom containing a spirit stone, though which animal spirit stone is in it is a mystery. 
This is a picture of what the necklace might look like, but the original one's location is unknown. I set off on my quest, but first off I must start by asking around. I'm not sure what adventures might await me now. I'm excited for whatever might happen, and getting to the bottom of this! I'll take snapshots or 'anfies' (animal selfies) of the various events, hopefully one per entry!
-Princess Arcticspirit

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thanks you guys!

I don't have time to do a real post today, but a huge thanks to everyone who gave me items! Thanks for being so kind, and this blog will continue, even after that little shock, rares don't make who we are!



Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hacked :(

This is not a pity post.

Just want to say, I lost several items of value, but the items I wish I didn't lose, in order of unhappiness are:

1. Rare Headdress.

2. Mira Statue.

3. Purple Beret.

Thats a little wishlist, whew gonna be hard to get those items back.

Thankfully, Aj IS ANIMAL jam not RARE jam, and I'm just glad I still have my buddies, dens and animal <3

Thank you for buying some weird items hacker, O,O


Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Lonely Fluter's Song

Hey Jammers!

Not quite sure what I'm going to post about yet! I'm relaxing and hoping the idea will come to me, but I may be wrong though, I'm new at blogging! First off, a couple days ago I saw this person in Jamaa Township:


Well then... am I the only person who imagines labs and phantoms, not to mention maniacal cackles?

Did you know that Jamaa has crayons?

The Art Studio music is sooo relaxing.
So is the Mt. Shiveer music.
Hey, am I inspired?


First off, listen to this while you read:


Okay, introdoucing:

The Lonely Fluter

The lonely fluter plays his song...

The days of yore oh how he longs...

A lonely flute, through the snow.

The notes rising high and low.

Jammers look up, listening to the tune.

They shiver with delight, magic will be here soon.

The song grows more full, once the phantoms took over the land...

The flute note's quiver from the mountains to the forests to the sand.

Mira found special beasts, alphas she called them.

They weren't much to anyone who saw them.

But Mira saw something greater, and trained them well.

Then she led them, over mountains through dell.

Finally they came back to Mira's Jamaa.

A reign of terror, phantoms they saw.

They defeated the phantom king.

Without words, the flute sings...

 Mira mourned over the lost Zios, and her heart was broken.

At his lost, her joy was shaken.

Mira's spirit came into the earth and sky.

The flute gentle goes down.

The fluter slips away without a sound.

The lonely fluter, a mystical flute he plays.

Hear his song, I hope you may.

I love poetry!! Have a good day, jammers!


P.S. I was Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings for Halloween!