Friday, November 21, 2014

Interview of A New Jammer

Hey jammers!

It's still Fall, and it's still Feast of Thanks but... Twists and Turns is gone?! Well, yes, except in the Adventure Base Camp! Phew.... That got me worried!

Anywho, I interviewed a new jammer and gave her some colored items as a thanks for letting me interview her!

I'm going to be interviewing some more new jammers soon!

This will be in the Sarepia Forest page, but to make your life easier i'll also put it here:

Twinkle=New Jammer  Me=Suzi00 (me) not asking questions 

When did you join?

Twinkle: I joined an hour ago

Why did you join?

Twinkle: It is fun and there are cute animals.

Whats your favorite part of AJ so far?

Twinkle: The Animals

Why did you choose a koala?

Twinkle: It is cute and it is not big and not cute like a wolf.

What’s your least favorite thing about Animal Jam so far?

Twinkle: Mean Animals

Me: Mean Jammers (They are the players)

Twinkle: Cute deer

Me: Thanks :D

What are you most interested about in AJ?

Twinkle: The Adventures.

 Is there any questions you have?

Twinkle: No

So, have you done any decorating (animal or den) yet?

Twinkle: Not really

On that note, I gave her her colored items and visited her den. I look forward to see her jamming some more! Ugh, I envy being a New Jammer.

Have fun jamming, new jamming or not!


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