Saturday, November 8, 2014

AJ Quests: The Quest for the Zios Amulet

Dear Jammers,

I am starting a journal I call AJ quests, where I try to find specific items. Like most of the fun AJ activities, this quest depends on other jammers and socially interacting with them. Feel free to make up your own AJ quests or use my ideas, you can even keep a journal! But, however, if you do, please credit me as the source of these :-)

Credit to Mister Chunkybuddy's Animal Jam Cheats and Codes with inspiring this specific quest with his Zios Necklace theory.

This all really happened, talking with the jammers I mean, but the 'legends' are more or less made up by me.

Day 1.

Rumor has it that Mira and Zios made an amulet, one forged in the shape of a phantom containing a spirit stone, though which animal spirit stone is in it is a mystery. 
This is a picture of what the necklace might look like, but the original one's location is unknown. I set off on my quest, but first off I must start by asking around. I'm not sure what adventures might await me now. I'm excited for whatever might happen, and getting to the bottom of this! I'll take snapshots or 'anfies' (animal selfies) of the various events, hopefully one per entry!
-Princess Arcticspirit

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