Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Animal Jam Thanksgiving Celebration!

Hey Jammers!

I don't think I can post on Thanksgiving, but here is an idea on how to celebrate Feast of Thanks at your den!!

First off, decorate your den!! Maple Leaf Rugs, Cornucopias after Cornucopias, Fall Wreaths, Waffle Cone Display, tables(s) with every food item you can get! So, basically: theme everything fall and food! Also, Candy Apples, Lollipops Stands, Carrot Patch, Tomatoes...

Fire Drums are cool too, I don't know why, but those seem fall-like to me!

I mentioned NONmember items, but for member items go ahead and do feast tables and fruit/veggie baskets etc.

Then, invite your buddies, close and less-close alike! My buddy, Rikkirik, is my real life best friend. Our families celebrated Thanksgiving with them for every year, and then this year she moved two states away. We video chatted and played Animal Jam and that was something that helped the hard transition. This Thanksgiving is going to make me sad, so the day before I'm going to try to celebrate it with Rikkirik. Anyway, its good to get your friends, whether the ones you really know or the ones you know in Jamaa, and talk about what your thankful over while your pretending to eat food on top of your normal Thanksgiving! Yay for Feast of Thanks (giving)



  1. Hi Suzi!
    Twilightsparklefairy :) To explain more about the enjoy Jamaa idea (my previous comment was getting REALLY long XD) my sister- Cherry3645- and I saw the AJ Insiders' Guide and noticed the pictures. They showed the Jammers laughing, relaxing on the beach, playing around and having fun. We signed in to the Township to compare... It was really depressing, actually 3:. Trades and everyone dressed to look "rare" and "cool", so may scammers... We decided we'd demonstrate people enjoying Jamaa in the different worlds- laughing and sliding down the slide in Crystal Sands, then stopping by the Juice Hut to make a smoothie and sip it white sunbathing and chatting, going to fashion shows, hanging out with buddies... These are things you don't see in Jamaa these days. So, we're trying to get people to start that :D btw i am definitely gonna do that NM thing with the messages!!!

    1. Wow! Thats a great story and inspiring message! I'm glad that you think this way, and honestly I feel the same x.x

      Anyway I can help out? I might even make a post about it... Wow!

      When I do see jammers having fun, they are usually new jammers. Me and Rikkirik both envy New Jammers, but me and her probably have the most fun in Jamaa! She is almost a lab rat along with myself (as well as a helper) with all the things I've posted about on this blog. I feel that with a lot of creativity there is a lot of fun. Trying new things, meeting new jammers and noticing and loving the little details just makes me happy!

      Anywho, I hope you have a great day, I look forward to meeting you in Jamaa ^-^



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