Friday, October 14, 2016

Forgotten Land - A Poem

Finally, a new poem! This one is about the Forgotten Desert. Enjoy!

A lush paradise, now a dusty shell,

A toppling ruin, once a place where families would dwell

All until the phantoms came, with destruction in their wake

This happy civilization began to crumble and break

The sands of time overtook it all

Now a desert, it became drought's thrall

Forgotten, by all but a few

Forsaken, by all who it once knew

The gems that held the land together scattered and lost
This dry land would never feel another frost

Some tried to venture in and rediscover it, but failed

The sun and desolation prevailed

But in every darkness there is still a way

Riding on feathered wings is hope's shining ray

Will they reclaim what has been forgotten?

Will they heal all that is rotten?

Will this fractured land begin to heal?

Only if you can help it, please heed my appeal

Gather what was scattered, bring back life

Save this forgotten land from its desert strife

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Uniqueness Challenge ~ Dare to Look Different

Hey jammers!

So today I took a good hard look at Princess Arcticspirit, my main animal. She's a purple arctic wolf with a headdress, sword and leaf bracelets and is the wolf that shows up in my banner and post signature. I looked around me, at how 90% of members were Arctic Wolves (and nonmembers were either wolves or bunnies) and I realized something. A large part of Animal Jam is self-expression, with tons of animals and thousands of apparel and color combinations. You can look entirely unique and yet, somehow, many people in Animal Jam look very much like 5 or 10 or 50 other people. I realized that I had lots of animals that I really liked but never used, so I decided to change up my look for the month of October and created a challenge to make it more interesting. Thus, I present to you the Uniqueness Challenge!
The Uniqueness Challenge

Have you gotten tired of looking the same every single day? Do you find yourself unintentionally conforming to the crowd rather than displaying your unique sense of style? Perhaps you've played AJ for a while and wish to change it up a little? If so, this challenge is for you! (Note: if you could care less about how you look and change animals frequently than this challenge probably isn't for you)!

How to do it: 

Look at your animals, and determine which ones you play as the most and least. Out of the animals you rarely use, pick one that you like (extra challenge: choose one you see that no one else ever uses, that's how I chose my Llama) or buy a new one. Create a new look for this animal that is very different from the usual color and clothing items you use, but you still like. If you can't figure out good clothing options, I recommend you play Best Dressed if you are unsure what clothing looks good on that particular animal. Choose two more animals and give them looks so you have a land, sea and flying animal that you previously rarely used.

Now, go out and buy each of your animals a new pet and if you like you can also make a new den and decorate it. Now, you can only mainly use those three animals for the next month without using any of the animals you usually play as.

Feel free to read the Journey Books for your animal's species, play Best Dressed with it, take the new pets to the Pet Stop and do whatever you like so that you can grow fond of them, because you're stuck with them for a while. You may find that, although it can be difficult at first, you may find yourself really enjoying the change of scenery (I do enjoy basically being the only Llama in Jamaa).

As for my new looks? I was hoping you were wondering!

These are my new animals. I tend to alternate between the Llama and Owl throughout the day and I make an effort to go underwater more often so I can enjoy my Octopus (it's really fun playing the underwater games, decorating an underwater den and basically being the only person who ever goes underwater). 

Both of the land pets are brand new, the pet Jellyfish I've had for a while but I don't tend to use him very often (and I had never seen his certificate before) so it counts as getting a 'new' pet. I tend to switch between Mossysong (who is a giraffe but is made to look like a llama because pet llamas don't exist yet) and Honeywisp (who is based off of an Elf Owl) no matter what animal I'm using because they both are adorable and I can't bear to just use one! <3

I also made a nice fall-themed den as well as an underwater one. 

Stay fantastic!