Sunday, August 31, 2014

Outfit Ideas for Adventures (Member and Nonmember Versions)

Hi Jammers,

I've finally gotten a blogger account, Suzi00, so i won't have to borrow it anymore. Today i'll reccomend some Adventure fashions! One is plant-like for Meet Cosmo, one is a good, heavy-duty hive or great escape and one is great for a merry stroll around Return of the Phantoms. We are also celebrating 300 views thank you so much guys, oh my goodness it was only about two weeks since i got 200! Anyway, backpacks are back in and i made a school, a post will be for that on Tuesday!

Here are my fashion ideas!

Take a merry stroll through the mildest of Phantom Adventures with this plant idea!



When things get more heavy duty, caves and goop and such, this outfit might help:

Since this outfit is nonmember besides the elf bracelets we can just call it nonmember.

And when things go all crazy, fighting phantom kings and exploring hives and whatnot, this will be great, also mostly nonmember besides, again, the elf bracelets:

Lastly, a special, nonmember treat:

The Butterfly Queen, an outfit filled with beauty and perfect for fanciness.

Nonmembers, i hope you don't mind the NM outfits were displayed on an Arctic Wolf.

I hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. Thanks for that post suzi00 I'll keep that in mind! Btw I LOVE your blog it's grate!

    1. Thanks so much :-)

      Yay for first comment, i might blush :3



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