Friday, August 1, 2014

How to have fun at Parties: Paradise Party


I'm going to start a short post series ''How to have fun at Parties''. I'll start off with a party many find boring but can be really fun: The Paradise Party

I'll start with a list of fun things.
10.  Get the Paradise Birds for the journey book: thats what the Paradise Party is all about.

9. Purchase some Paradise Stuff

8. Take a nice bath in the water.

7. Pretend to go on a hike

6. Pretend to LIVE there as a Wild Animal

5. Explore

4. Pretend to give a museum tour of the ruins, making up stories for them/Pretend to be a tourist.

3. Pretend to be a 'Paradise Bird' and tell everyone your one and your essential to the Paradise Throne etc.

2. Play Hide and Seek with a buddy there.

1. Grab a bunch of monkey friends and dance around saying ''THIS MUSIC BELONGS IN THE MONKEYS ONLY PARTY!!!''

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