Saturday, July 26, 2014

Camping in Animal Jam!

This is how to go camping with Animal Jam. It requires roleplaying :sayings your actions like this:

These pictures and their descriptions will show you how!

This will be demonstrated by Incredible Quietjunior, my first animal, (the name was an accidental random name)

Step 1. Plan your route:

On one expedition, i explored all of Jamaa to the north and east of Jamaa Township, excluding Kimbara Outback and Appondale. You might want to go beach camping, spend the night all cozy in the Pillow Room, or do it in Sarepia Forest like the pictures show. 

Step 2 Packing:

Your list should be a weapon, a backpack if you want to make the 'bags' more realistic, a blanket (pjs), anything outdoorsy like a headfeather, camo shirt, etc.

If you don't have a weapon, thats alright, but it improves your look.

In your den you can pretend to run around packing tents, sleeping bags, marshmellows, food (if you don't want to hunt/gather it yourself). 

Step 3: Go to your first (or only) chosen campsite:

I personally like to travel from Jamaa Township to wherever i'm camping, and if you have to cross another land to get there then i camp there too. Do whatever your up for and whatever you have time for. 

Step 4: Set up camp:

You can be detailed (:Sets up tent, hammers in stakes: :blows up air mattress: :unpacks sleeping bag and puts in tent:) or simple (:unpacks bags:). 

Step 5. Go for a hike:

Once when you set up camp, why don't you go for a hike? You can stray into another land or just hike around. Be sure to pull over for a trail snack on long hikes.

Step 6. Get firewood:

Once when your done hiking you'll want a fire as it gets dark. You can't really pack firewood, so you'll have to gather some.

Step 7.  Build a fire:

Use stones, matches, and firewood to build yourself a nice and toasty fire!

Step 8. Find food:

Whether you packed some food or you have to gather some, dinner is a must.

My koala is gathering mushrooms for a stew, being a herbivore, but you could also hunt Journey Book animals, but don't be graphic or you could get banned. 

Though i didn't take a picture of it, my koala sorted the poisonous and non-poisonous ones. That can be very hard in real life, so don't eat wild mushrooms. This is Jamaa though, much different.

Step 9. Cook your food:

You probably will have to utilize your fire to cook whatever food you have.

Step 10. Roast Marshmallows:

This is one of the most important things, marshmallows and s'mores. I like to share mine if i'm doing a multiple-night journey because people want to come along. 

Step 11. Sing Camp Songs:

Think of some camp songs like 'Kumbaya', I usually do 'She's comin' round the mountain'. Say a couple verses.

Step 12. Crawl into your tent:

Every camping trip needs a nighttime, say :crawls into sleeping bag: and do the zzz face, member or nonmember, for about five times unless you want a short night.

(Aren't Koala's ADORABLE, especially when their sleeping.)

Step 13. Pack up and leave:

Whether your leaving to another land, or traveling back to Jamaa Township and your den your camp needs to be packed up. 

Thank you for reading this! I hope you enjoy all of your adventures in Jamaa, camping or not.

-Suzi00 and Incredible Quietjunior

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