Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scented Tricks, Nonmember Hawaii, Penguin Native

Suzi00 here with some great tricks.

First of all, i'd like everyone to see my usual animal, give it up for Princess Arcticspirit!

                                                    If you look closely, there is some great photo opportunities, guess where this is? I also have my new baby reindeer from the Jamaaliday Jam in July (JJIJ!) who is assisting me with my smoothie using her antlers.

Now, here is a outfit that i used my penguin for but will work for many:

I call it the Native Jamaasian

Also, a 'Hawaiiany' (and a little messy) nonmember den idea:

I'm sure you can 'unmessify' it, if you tried. And that clover wasn't meant to be there.

Finally, for the member readers i have a few tricks with a scented candle. 

Add a nature theme with a leaf scented candle.
And guaranteed to make any visitors mouth water, the cake candle behind a cake bake kitchen! (Note: the candle only disappears behind the shelf with the green and yellow bottle above, any other place behind the kitchen will make the whole candle show).
And that closes my second post!


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