Monday, July 21, 2014

Jungle Corner/Bird of Paradise/Game Hidin'

Hello, Suzi00 here, sorry for the lack of posts. I have some ideas for you.

First, a luverly Penguin bird of paradise.

Outcolor all the Paradise Party Bird or just sit proudly on your Paradise Throne!

This is a mini jungle. Notice the vines hanging off the trees with the pot hidden. The monkey swinging, the spiderweb hammock suspended between trees and tiki torches to add the frosting on the cake! Your Paradise Bird will love napping there.

(My goodness, above sounds like  some advertisement for a webkinz pet :P)

And finally, the step by step tutorial for hide 'n seek in someones den.

First, find a jammer (preferably member) Make sure their den is unlocked.

Then hide behind two arcade machines.

Now you can make them talk. Some ideas are

''Play me for free gems''

''No play me''

''I give the most''

''You learn something from me''

''But i have phantoms in me!''

''You learn something from me, and its easy (except on Natgeo bee, shh)''

When the den owner comes and moves the machine you better run. Or confess. Best done with buddies or duplicates, the person would get a little freaked out there are 5 random people in their den.

Of course, i don't do pranks much except if it DOESN'T harm anyone and even the victim enjoys it.

Funny pranks.

Catch 'ya later!


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