Friday, July 18, 2014

Scavenger Hunts, Artwork and Lore

Hello all!

Suzi00 here with some ideas to help your observation skills. First of all, have you heard the legend of Jamaa?


The Creation of Jamaa

And so it was that the Sky Father was named Zios.
He created many stars and planets, and set them in motion.
But after eons of creation, he became lonely. So he created the
Sky Mother, a grey heron, and named her Mira. 
Mira was beautiful and kind and they were very happy together.

She loved Zios deeply and often told him how talented he was,
encouraging him to create. Together, Zios and Mira created their masterpiece: a lush land filled with oceans, mountains, meadows, and all kinds of plants and animals.
They named this special world Jamaa, and for hundreds of years, the world and its animals were at peace. 
But today, all is not well in Jamaa. A mysterious dark force has crept into the land, stealing away animals and ruining the beauty of Jamaa. Only you can help save the animals and restore the world to its glory. Please help, for you are Jamaa's only hope.


The story of the Phantoms
Mira, the Sky Mother, was heartbroken after she lost her companion spirit, Zios, the Sky Father.
Her feelings of sadness and anger fell to the earth of Jamaa. Mira's tears mixed with the elements of Jamaa and formed the dark mysterious phantoms that haunt this land today. Because of  the sadness and anger that they were created from, the phantoms' only goal is to bring chaos and destruction to Jamaa.

-Credit to Snowyclaw


Zios is 

This sun-thing-spirit.

And this is the beautiful Mira!

Now I have a quest for you: Journey all over Jamaa and look for Zios's and Mira's.

Also, have you looked closely at the artwork?

 Find the animal carvings, perhaps this is where the koalas took shelter?

If you look closely at the artwork, you'll see intricate designs that might have to do with Jamaa's culture.

I challenge you to study these things.

Also, find this flower.

Perhaps you can make the liquids in the Chamber of Knowledge using Brady Barr's chemistry set?

This is an interesting, and yes, a odd post but you might enjoy it.


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