Sunday, September 7, 2014


Hey jammers,

Sorry that I couldn't post today, busy busy and for the most part I couldn't think of anything. Last night I was thinking about a blog post.

When your really bored, its fun to pretend to go about your 'animal jam life', go to school, eat dinner with your "parents", (not, not adoption, PLUSHIES! :D), this comic I made sort of demonstrates that. Comics are also fun to do, with Google Drive you can make talking bubbles, put pictures together, etc. Sorry, this comic isn't all the same size.

                                                                        The Aquarium



(The other animals, except a few extra in the theater were played by me, my duplicates!)
(Swimming with Dolphins clip, its beautiful, you should see it)
(Oops, forgot to capitalize "I")



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  1. Once again SOOO creative!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a genus!!!


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