Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Pages!

Hey jammers,

Since I had no posting ideas today, I decided to do a mini-project I was planning to do for a while! The pages are off the Lands of Jamaa, with a picture of each land, and have certain things, like Deep Blue is a joke page to avoid feeling BLUE.

So, I'll add a few more lands here and there as time goes on, and whenever I edit the pages, say, add a new joke or scam to watch out for in Temple of Zios, i'll say so in my post, at the bottom.

Have fun with the new pages!


P.S. My, this blog is actually looking like a normal blog now!

P.P.S A super secret, really, really, cool idea will be revealed on 550 views! Tell your buddies to look at this blog often if you want to see it!

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