Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Buddy Game: Hide & Seek

Hey Jammers,

Today I shall show you a fun game I used to play with my buddy, Rikkirik, and am doing now as I type! Its the Animal Jam version of Hide and Seek! So, how you play is:

The Game:

1. The seeker goes to a set area (can't be in a den, we did the Pillow Room)

2. The hider finds a location and then goes to the seeker and tells them a hint of their hiding place Examples include:

For the top of Tierney's Aquarium (we were eagles) the hint was 'parrot top' (we were eagles)

 For by the snakes on the side of Temple of Trivia the hint was 'pet smart' (like the store chain!)

 For in the Swoopy Eagle by the snake in Temple of Zios the hint was 'swoopy snake'

 For the Swoopy Eagle on the top of Sarepia forest the hint was 'swoopy roof' (like the forest roof.)

Hiders, be CREATIVE

 3. The seeker waits while the hider hides in their location, thinking about the hint. 

4. Then the hider jamagram the seeker, saying they are ready to be found.

5. The seeker then looks around for the hider until they find them.

6. They then switch places, or get a prize or something.


Me and my buddy put together these rules.

1. Hide only in the MAP, not in Adventure Base Camp, not summer carnival, not someones den to keep it easy.

2. Don't use the map if your the seeker, you can you see which land your buddy resides in. It adds an element of fun if your walking from place to place.

3. Do it on an empty server, for the same reason: if a room is full, then it opens the map and you can see your buddy's land.

4. Only be an eagle, or go to ocean lands if the seeker can do the same, to keep it fair and actually possible for the seeker to find you.

5. No more hints beyond the two, so don't make them super hard like: square plant for hiding next to a square building in some flowers. Don't make it easy either, like Coral Art for the art studio.

6. Be on the same server, its pretty obvious why.

7. No teleportation.


Enjoy all your adventures-alone or with friends!


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