Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pick-Me-Up Dens: A den idea

Hey jammers,

So this idea came up when I changed my den to the small house, wanting to remodel it to fit one of my animals. I didn't even touch it. When I stepped into my house I was a hit with a wave of Jamaaliday cheer, with brightened my spirits. I quickly changed the den to my gingerbread house which I tried to redecorate but ended up with very little furniture. I cleared the den and got to work making the perfect Jamaaliday den. I love the Jamaalidays so much, but they last only a month, and the Jamaaliday stuff leaves by the end of January. I made it house-like, with a kind of kitchen-y room that had cocoa and a fridge, and basically just utilized the hoard of Jamaaliday decor I had. I replaced my withered seasonal tree with a bright and happy Jamaaliday tree, loaded ornaments on and presents below, and then I truly began decorating. It really felt like my den, because I put the things I liked best. Probably my favorite pair of items are the plaid couch and the fancy fireplace, because the couch is so comfy and the fireplace so cheery (especially with stockings!). I could go on and on telling you about how, say, I made a little igloo with a frozen pond by it and snowy woods behind it, or how I put all my pets doing things that suit them (like a large hamster gathering by a firepit, a fox hiding in the woods or my cats snuggling on the couch) or how I even stuffed my den with the more significant plushies to me (like a purple arctic wolf and a purple seal, the seal represents my best AJ friend) but I'm not going to do that (I actually sneakily did, mwahahaha) because this is an overly long introduction!

My den made me feel very warm and happy, and I think that you might want a den like it. A den that is filled with things that make you happy, that you probably might escape to when you are bored (thats what I do!). If you like parties, then you can make a great party den and fill it with pets! If you tend to get angry and use Animal Jam to calm down, you might like a soothing little den (perhaps with diamond shop music if your member) to just unwind and smile. I know it might be hard to personalize dens to be filled with things that make you feel happy and possibly remind you of yourself, so here are some pointers.

- Smaller dens feel cozier and warmer, so you might like a small or medium sized den. I don't recommend Crystal Palaces, Sky Kingdom or other very, very large dens unless those are your absolute favorite dens. If so, go right ahead!

- Think about why you would want to be in this den. Would it be because you're angry? (a calming den), sad? (a cheerful den, but probably not a full-on overwhelming party), bored? (a den that you might enjoy in roleplay, perhaps a den with interactive items or slightly witty, detailed things for you to enjoy), feeling a need for Jamaasian magic (y'know, the magic of Animal Jam! Probably something that reminds you of what you like to do best on AJ), wanting a certain holiday (I want Jamaalidays magic! My den is basically for when I have no buddies on and I want to be cheerful) or even a remembrance thing. Perhaps you miss a buddy, your dog or your new jammer days. Make a den that reminds you of that person/thing!

- Don't visit the den unless you are feeling bored/sad/angry/etc. (whatever feeling-down emotion you made your den for). The more you see it, the less magical it is. So, that means this special den would have to take up an extra den slot, and won't be touched until you need it. I don't care if you don't want two small houses, you'll eventually want to redecorate!

- Put time and effort into it. Make it perfect with all your resources. Take time to make a checklist of things you like in a den, finish the checklist and then touch it up with items that are meaningful to you, if any. Athe den needs to have meaning, and to fit YOU!

- I don't suggest any influence by others, by the way. The only standards it needs to pass is yours, and for that reason you probably shouldn't show many people it, or at least don't ask them what you think.

Just make the den a little special to you. If you get mad on Animal Jam or it just doesn't feel happy, then I suggest you get off Animal Jam and maybe drink something warm, especially with a good book. Animal Jam is a way to unwind, but if you are not enjoying it then the best thing to do is get off the computer.

I hope you enjoy whatever awesome den you can make for yourself! You don't have to follow my guidelines, those are just suggestions, and you can do what you want with your den! Just be you! (Unless you are making a den for a Roleplay character for some reason. Of course, that has nothing to do what I just discussed, so don't let it bother you. Be your roleplay character if you want ;p


  1. Twilightsparklefairy!February 12, 2015 at 10:25 AM

    Hi Suzi!
    I am happy to announce that I've been invited to join the Play Wild beta community! From my own experience, it doesn't seem to be too hard to get in, so I am VERY excited!!! I do not have an Android device, but there is a way to get this app on PC so I will try that out! The video on how to do so that I'm about to watch is only 5 minutes, so this shouldn't be too hard and I am SUPER EXCITED!!! I would really suggest signing up as this is gonna be so much fun!!!

  2. I think you should make a Jammer Central page where there is stuff like other AJ blogs, people's artwork, pretty much a community page.

    1. Nice idea, but who then would submit anything? My blog is very, very small.


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