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Story Post 1 #1 (A 'choose your own adventure' storyline to react to in Animal Jam!)

Hey jammers!

So, I have an interesting idea that might just work. Basically its a story where you have to respond while playing Animal Jam, perhaps you'll get what I mean when you read it. This will take you on an epic quest, I try to find every situation you might encounter and turn it into a story. So, say, if you need water and you choose whether to ask someone on the bridge, or someone in the pillow room whether the water in the river is safe, and if they say yes then you drink, if they say no then blablabla, I hope you get it. I suggest for maximum fun, you look at the storyline and do your best to act like that backstory is your animals, and what you would react in that situation. If a situation sentence is in a chapter, it should specify what you should do if that happens-or if that doesn't. It should redirect you to a chapter, or 'put it on hold' until the next post. If you can't find the same situation again by the next post comes around, then you just start all over. Its not as complicated as it sounds ;)

You are in Sarepia Forest, tired and hungry. You just ran halfway across Jamaa, for phantoms invaded your den. You lived alone in the woods, a bit of a loner and happy with the quiet. You learned about plants, and observed other jammers from afar and grew wise in the ways of Jamaa, but didn't mingle often. You see no food, and realize that you'd have to talk to other jammers. One jammer begins walking towards his/her den and you wonder if you came into their den if you they would provide you with some food, and shelter for the night. You also hear some buzz from Jamaa Township, do you go there?

So, you have two choices: go to Jamaa Township or go to a person's den for shelter. Which one?

If you saw someone in Jamaa Township with a restaurant of some sort, look at this:

A restaurant! And its close. You listen to the person, and managed to walk to their restaurant. You collapse tired and hungry onto a chair, and wait for someone to let you order. You look around for a buffet (if their is free food, just go ahead and eat it) and then you wait for someone to take your order. A waiter/waitress comes up, and asks for your order. You tell them it.

If no one took your order, or never brought you food, then read this:

No one took your order, and the restaurant closed. You go back to Jamaa Township, hoping there is something else.

If someone takes your order, and brought you food then read this:

You eat the food, and pay a couple gems, and look at your five more. You need to be very wise with your money, you tell yourself. You wonder if you could stay at the restaurant, perhaps work there in exchange for food and shelter. You look for the owner.


If the owner lets you work there then then read this:

Your happy, at least you'll survive for a while. Even if the owner didn't let you have food, then you are sure you could manage to eat any leftovers around. But shelter is a necessity: if the owner doesn't let you have shelter (that is, if you haven't found one) then you decided to work for a pay of a few items. You could recycle them, and use the money for shelter AND food. You get to work immediately, and know as soon as your shift is over you'll discuss what payment they'll give you.

End of the 'restaurant' chapter for this post.


If you went to someone's den and they let you stay, read this:

They let you stay, and you find yourself a good place to sleep, thats not on their bed. You ask for food, and if they say yes, then you enjoy it and go straight to bed. If they say no, you go to bed anyway and make up your mind to go to a restaurant and get food, easier now that you have shelter (read the restaurant part, ignoring everything with shelter.)

If you saw a hotel in Jamaa Township, read this:

A hotel offers both shelter and food, you go to it and manage to find yourself a room. You get room service, and eat your fill and then get some shut-eye. Later you know you'll ask them if you can work there, in exchange for the food they offer and a room for as long as you need it. If they say no, then you'll just stay there for as long as you can, and then try to find a place to stay at someone's den. (Hint hint-look at the chapter).

If you went to someone's den, and they locked it or casted you out, read this:

You go  to Jamaa Township, disappointed, keeping an eye out for a restaurant or hotel. If you see one, then go to the chapter for each, or you can keep trying to find yourself a place to stay at dens until you hit a 'let you stay'. Then read the chapter for it.

If you saw nothing in Jamaa Township, then read this:

No restaurants, nor hotels. You sit down on the grass and rest a little bit, and try to decide whether to wait for a restaurant or hotel, or just go to someones den. You decide on both, going from den to den, but popping up in Jamaa Township and staying for a few minutes to see if anyone comes.


Have fun, :-) If you like this new idea, then say so in the comments, or just keep checking back-next post is probably going to be another 'story post'. Thats what I call them.


P.S. GO to 'TheFireShop' den, it is soo cool! It is a den portal adventure, you'll know what I mean when you see it!

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  1. Wow this is grate! I think that this might be your best one yet! Well I don't know I really
    like the comic one but I don't know which one is better but this is awesome.


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