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Storyline Post 1 #2 (choose your own adventure storyline)

Hello, jammers, hello adventurers!

I bring ye another story post, whether your path is on the Restaurant chapter, Hotel chapter or Other Jammer's Help chapter, you will find the continuation of your path, the chapter that your situation is paired up with, and maybe even branch out into a different chapter, ok, lets go!

ALL Chapter Continuation

You find yourself a place to stay, and food. After resting, eating and general getting your energy back you find yourself a job (if you don't already have one) and get to work immediately. 

If you found work (which you need to in order to continue) read this:

Good job, you have a job!. You talk to your boss about pay, and he/she agrees, you know if he/she didn't, then you would quit the job and look for a paying job. (hint hint, find another job if there is no pay. By pay, that means sending (or trading the item for a necklace) item, any item usually over 100 gems, your boss should do that. ) After getting paid a few times, you earn some money. When your shift is over, you go to the pillow room and relax. You spy a hungry dog, and feel a little guilty. You understand what its like to be hungry, and homeless and wonder...

(Only continue if you went to a pillow room, and saw a dog. You may need to do some server-hopping.) 

Your decisions include:

1. Deciding to feed the dog

2. Give the dog a blanket AND food

3. Give the dog a place to stay.

4. Leave the dog alone.

If you chose 1 (feed the dog), read this:

You fed the dog, and gave it a few pets. Your heart melted, and you wondered if you should choose to adopt the dog (Go to the 3 Chapter if you do). You decide against it, and take a walk. You hear some babble about Liza. Suddenly, a plan formulates in your mind. You need to ask Liza to help you, and in return you'll do what she asks! You've heard of some captured bunnies, and are faced with a decision. 

If you chose four (leave the dog alone), read this:

You feel a little guilty, but you slip away and sit down in the grass in Jamaa Township, guilt keeping you from relaxing in the pillow room. You look up at the announcement board, and your heart skips a beat. You read a large sign that says ''Help wanted, brave jammer(s) to fight phantoms, and save captures bunnies. Go to the Liza portal in Adventure Base Camp.
-Liza /v\ ((thats supposed to be a flower design))'' You were faced with a decision.

(Decision 1 and Decision 2 both lead to this).

A. Rescue the captured bunnies alone.

B. Rescue the captured bunnies by yourself.

Both will be done in exchange for Liza's help. 

Adventure (Return of the Phantoms) Section
If you chose Decision A: read this.

You decide to partake on the adventure alone. You hear that Liza has set up a portal that teleports you to the current quest she needs jammers to help her with. You walk to the portal, and watch neon green runes shimmer across it, break apart and seemingly float away, and then come back together. You enter through the portal, and you hear gears somewhere. You look down at your paws, and see that you teleported onto a pressure plate. The gears creaked and twisted, and then a giant pink flower grew out of the ground, and opened, with the panda alpha stepping out of it. The flower opened completely, and then shimmers out of sight. 
''Greetings, your here to help me with the phantoms?'' she says, a soft smile on her face. Excitement fills you and you nod.
''Yes, Liza.'' you say. She nods.
''No friends to help you?'' concern fills her voice. You shrug and shake your head.
''I was wondering... My den has been taken over by phantoms and I wonder if you can help me?'' you feel a pit in your stomach, wondering if she will say no.
''That would make it the 17th den to do so, and right in the middle of Graham's big project that he needs us to help him. My dear, it will take around three months to finish up our work and get to your den. But, if you rescue the bunnies successfully and if you ask for that instead of an adventure reward... Yes, I think I might be able to spare a few of the minor alphas to help you. They would normally do this, but everyone's busy. This would take a few days you know.'' Liza says. You nod.
''Sounds fair.'' you smile slightly. Liza sighs.
''Good luck, this would take two days or so. The bunnies should be able to give you shelter after you stop the pollution, that would take about a day so good luck!''

-Continued Later-

If you chose Decision B read this:

You know that a group of four is a good group, so you go to Jamaa Township hoping that you'll get that many people. You ask around, and eventually someone hosts the adventure for you (if your nonmember, otherwise host it yourself) and you get your adventure companions. Liza comes and greets you, and you make a deal: If you guys rescue the bunnies, then the alphas will help you reclaim your den from the phantoms. It was far enough, and you are excited to begin. You wonder if you should instruct them on anything, and help them out.

For a mini-decision, you choose whether to

1. Give them advice like: stick together! Hide from the phantoms if necessary etc.

2. Or you don't :I

If you chose Decision 2 (give the dog a blanket and food) read this:

You went to Jam Mart Clothing and bought a blanket, and then went to Claws n' Paws and bought dog food. Thankfully, both were on sale. You came back approached the dog, and give it a few pets.
''Hey, (boy/girl), how are you doing?'' You get out the dog food and a free bowl you found lying around claws 'n paws and put the food in it. 
''Eat up, your probably very hungry!'' you say. The dog eats the food and wags its tail. You wrap a blanket around it, making it nice and cozy.
''Here, nice and warm until your new owner picks you up...'' you say, and think about if you should become this dog's owner (see the 'give the dog a home' chapter, if you want to) you decide against it, and give the dog a few more pets. You perk your ears, a few jammers are talking about a new phantom outbreak. They say the street it is heading toward, in what is estimated to be an hour away, and you realize that there is a den there! You give the dog a few more pets, and begin running. You've got to warn the owner, or they'll become homeless for who knows how long just like you! You arrive at the den, and have to quickly make up your mind.

1. Dash into the den and save the valuables.

2. Warn the owner, and tell them to ask Liza for help.

3. Try to stop the phantoms yourself!

To be continued in the next Storyline Post!

If you chose Decision 3 (give the dog a home) read this:

Should you or should you not? Your heart is pounding as you look at that dog. It isn't too late to turn back now... No! You approach the dog, and give it a few pets. You observe the dog and its temperament, and spend a short time just talking to it, petting it and playing with it. Finally, you take out a collar you just bought.
''Hey (boy/girl)! I want to adopt you, your such a good doggy!'' you say, and the dog wags its tail. 
''I don't have a home right now, its taken over by phantoms so i'm staying somewhere else. But don't worry! I'll get the home phantom-free soon, and you can live a normal doggy life!'' You know if the dog says yes, then you will have a decision. If the dog denies you, then you'll have to go back to Jamaa Township, and then what? You wait impatiently.

If the dog says yes:

The dog licks you, and wags its tail even harder! You take a deep breath, and put the collar on, and take some rope out you were carrying and make a leash. You take the dog back to where you staying, and then you have a decision that is going to be a tough one:

1. Hide the dog from whomever your staying with, and take it to work while still hidden

2. Reveal the dog, to whomever your staying with and your work! (You might lose your job, or the dog).

If the dog says no.

The dog says no, and you shrug sadly. You give it food, or food and a blanket or just leave it alone. (Redirect to whichever one of the chapters that isn't this one!)

Well, thats all for now! Whichever path you take, it will certainly be an adventure in the very least! I hope you meet lots of new people, and have lots of fun!



  1. omg even if i took a different path i would probably get the cute little puppy that's all alone! :)


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