Friday, October 10, 2014

How to Trick or Treat!

Hey jammers!

With Night of the Phantoms here, there is going to have to be Trick or Treating! But first off, look at this:

Oh my! It won't let me say ''Twix, Gummy worms, lollipop, giant crunch bar'' when saying the candies I have o,o

Trick or Treating at other peoples dens:

Dress up in a costume, be creative (I love dressing up in Night of the Phantoms costumes!).

Go to someones den, it doesn't matter who.

Stand at their 'door' (entryway), and wait for them to come.

Say 'knock knock' and when they reply, say 'trick or treat'!

They either would lock the den or give you candy, in my experiences!

Be sure to say 'have a good day 'thank you' 'have a happy halloween' 'have a phantastic day/night' or 'happy night of the phantoms!'
 Yum! Someone even gave me a Bitter Sweets lollipop stand, which I gave to another trick or treat, that leads us to the next method of trick or treating!

Trick or treating at your den:

Decorate your yard in night of the phantoms stuff, and then put some candy from Bitter Sweets by the doorway (optional). Go to Jamaa Township and say 'Trick or treating at my den!' and wait for people to come, it doesn't matter how many. They sometimes knock, or just say Trick or Treat at the door, and then you say 'gives candy' or 'pick out, lollipop or gummy worms' (as an example). I like to send a TBA candy thing, like the Lollipop Stand I myself got for trick or treating to the person with the best costume (providing you are both member, I chose a deer in a purple skeleton suit!).

Have a great night of the phantoms, Jammers! 


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