Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Guide for New Jammer Tours

Hey Jammers,

Sorry that I have been lazy/busy/having too much fun! I hope you have had a Merry Christmas, I got an extra special present that I never thought I'd get: a year of Animal Jam membership! Anyway, you have heard me listing 'Give New Jammer a Tour' as a way to be nice, but do you actually know how? You probably do (never lost my faith in you!) but you MAY not know the basics. There are some things you need to know before you go out and be nice! Let's get dow to business!

Step 1: 'Obtaining' the New Jammer

Go to Jamaa Township and head up to the Mira Statue. New Jammers first appear here, and automatically head down to Jamaa Township. Don't make the mistake I did, trying to greet them there. They don't go down of their own accord, it's automatic. Anyway, go up to the Mira Statue so you can identify who is a brand new jammer, and who has been around a bit. Make sure you get the animal name of the New Jammer and call them out of the crowd, and even go up to them. Ask them if they want a tour. Now, some say 'No' and I totally understand that. Others might agree, proceed to buddy them so you can keep track of them!

Step 2: The Tour

First thing you should know that people (including me) don't like full tours of Jamaa that much. There are of course some exceptions, but you should ask them first. Then proceed with showing them Jamaa Township. If you have gems on your paws, ask them if they could have anything nonmember from Jam Mart Clothing/Furniture, what would they get. Secretly purchase that item (in their favorite color they want if you are member). Show them the Sol Arcade and wait for them to play a game or two if they wish, while you do the plushie machine if you still have gems. Show them the Diamond Shop, explain to them how to get diamonds, and the Pillow Room. An optional thing is to show them the Mira Statue and explain to them who Mira is. You can show them the rest of Jamaa if you wish, or continue to the next step...

Step 3: The Goodbyes and Gifts

Once when you have finished your tour, go to their den and teach them to put up a necklace on their trade list. Trade them some starter items, and/or a RIM. Wish them good luck, answer any questions, and depart. You might unbuddy them, but you could also stick around for them-you are their only buddy for now!

Now that you know the tour basics, why don't you find a New Jammer right mow and test your knowledge? ;)

Sorry for my late post!


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