Friday, September 25, 2015

Four ways to bid farewell to Summer!

Hey jammers!

Sorry for basically monthly posts, I haven't been playing a lot of Animal Jam and I don't have any ideas off the top of my head. That's when you come in! Please comment any ideas for any posts and I'll see what I can do. Also, if there are people who really want to be authors, then I might start accepting authors! Anyway, here's the post!

Four Ways to Bid Farewell to Summer!

Hey jammers!

Fall is closing in, the season of colorful trees, pumpkin pies and crazy (and sometimes spooky) costumes. (Notice I left out school. That was intentional. I am in denial). But, before we welcome my personal favorite season with open arms, we must bid farewell to the hot, sunny, green summer. I wish I made this post before the Summer Carnival left! But, anyway, here are four ways to say farewell to summer!

1. Rock your summer look

Wear your fabulous summer look one last time. Haven't found one yet? Well, it's a little late in the year to just be getting a summer look, but here is my advice: make sure it reflects the sunshine and coolness of summer! Go on, find your look. I'll wait. Done? Alright, now go rock it!

2. Enjoy the summer parties one last time!

Have fun at the summer-only parties one last time! Lounge in the sun, play in the water, hang out and enjoy yourself. These parties come only one season a year, best to enjoy them while they last! Be sure to wear the awesome look you got in Step 1! 

3. Go to the Summer Carnival!

Okay, so the carnivals gone at the time of this posting. But be sure to play all the fun games and buy all the cool stuff! Also, save some tickets for the next time it comes around ;)

4. Don't mourn for Summer much!

Yes, mourn for the amazing lack of school summer brings, but worry not my dear reader: there is year-round sunshine and happiness at Crystal Sands.

Now, I should get to writing four ways to welcome fall...

See you in the next post, and don't give up on Animal Jam Good Times! I'm still alive and I still love this blog <3

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