Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Play Wild!

Hey jammers!

Play Wild was released for Ipads a few weeks ago, and it's amazing!

I've discovered Clanning has already risen in Play Wild and some people have a few feeble attempts to adopt, but there aren't any parties or den events! I think the main reason why is because it's impossible to get anything for your den! Everything is super expensive!

I recently had a little wolf pack in my den, and I spent all day playing games just to earn up the money for four trees and a rug! I'm glad Overflow has a new expert mode, or I would barely be able to make it!

It's time for some amazing jammers to rise up and help make Play Wild even more awesome! Host an epic party, be the first ever to have an alpha training camp, the possibilities are endless! Don't let Play Wild be run by trading like Animal Jam is, together we can make sure it's run by creativity and fun! Let's rise up and make Play Wild awesome! Who's with me?

Sorry for the rare posts! If you would like I will make a 'How to have fun' post covering the Back to School Party!

Thanks for staying with this blog even when it's inactive!


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