Sunday, June 14, 2015

How to Have Fun at Parties: The Summer Carnival

Hey jammers!

So, I'm only posting if I have something to post about =P

When this blog first started, I was bursting with ideas. I got most of my ideas out now! If your impatient for a post, then go and read previous posts using the archive! You don't even have to read them in order, just pick and choose!

By the way, I also need nagging to help me write a new Choose your own Adventure post. Those are very long and complex to write, and I need motivation D=


How to have fun at Parties: The Summer Carnival*
(*Technically a party)

10. Grab yourself the perfect cotton candy. Make matching colors or color it to look like your animal, make 'rainbow cotton' or find the elusive phantom treat!

9. Find an item, and save up for it. There are tiny plushies, lightning necklaces and balloons, as well as flaming hoops and sombreros to name a few items to buy...

8. Make a 'Magic Bouncy Treehouse Club', 'nuff said.

7. Find the one most game that makes the most tickets, and then play it over and over again, until you can buy your item from 9.

6. Become a carnival clown! Dress the silliest you can dress and entertain people! There are tons of wacky items from the Summer Carnival Shop for you to use!

5. Go camping there!

4. Pretend your pet piglet (or weird pink hamster) is Wilbur, and a buddy's pet tarantula is Charlotte...

3. Sell stuff at one of the booths. Plenty of roleplay fun there! ''Step right up, step right up...''

2. Nom on everyone's cotton candy

1. Have a 'cutest' pet contest thing with other jammers. The cutest pet gets a plaque and shall be displayed for all to see!

Jam on!


  1. Hmmmmm...

    Well, my father made a "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-Game" called "The Road Goes:Avronnah Nonn". (and i helped) so maybe I can give you, like, a helpful 1st paragraph........

    You wake up on the side of the Jamaa Township Road, in the middle of the night. No other Jammer, not even a lost pet, is around you. An owl hoots, as you suddenly remembered to look to the skies for anyone. A sparkly pink owl wearing a moon necklace and an elf helmet, you envy her beauty as she flutters down to greet you. But, of course, you see a frown in her beak. All she says is," Come to Hidden Hollow! There is a battle, they will not survive without you!" How strange, you think, how they couldn't survive without you but you have never even learned about chomper plants! But THEY? They WHO? Are they pets? Ppl? Even... PHANTOMS? How could phantoms need your help if "they" were PHANTOMS?!?
    What do you do?

    (a)Go to Hidden Hollow (b) Go to your den and sleep
    (c) Give up & hopelessly howl (d) Just Dance!:backround music:

    ... and so! Pretty AMAAAAAZING, right?

    1. I already have a storyline and have posted two chapters in that story, I just need encouragement to post a third :P

      Use the handy search bar to find them!

    2. OOOOOoooh...

      oh well, would have been awesome...

    3. ... but yeah, i liked ur cyoa (choose your own adventure) game u made!...

  2. ... but wat happens with the dog is that the part you want help with beacause if so I can help no biggie...

    1. i don't need help, I need time and inspiration =P

    2. Yay but not yay! XD ( I REEEEEAAAALLY wanted to help D:)


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