Thursday, May 21, 2015

10 things to do in Coral Canyons

Hello, all ye bored jammers!

Is boredom getting you down? Do you have absolutely nothing to do yet a ton of time to do it? Well, go to Coral Canyons and I shall help you be bored no longer!

10. Find these 5 things!

  • A nest with eggs
  • A giant (Sequoia?) tree
  • A peregrine falcon, dive-bombing
  • Crayons
  • A cactus with a flower
9. Get into your Desert Attire! Remember: your fur is probably stained orange from the sand. Protection for those wittle paws and face required! 
The desert has never gotten so fashionable!

8. Rule over Epic Wonders
You are the mystical being that resides in Epic Wonders. Perhaps you are an enchanter/enchantress, or perhaps Epic Wonders is your palace and you are the King/Queen of it, the last of your people. Be creative, and may all who enter Epic Wonders leave, knowing they've seen the most epic wonder of all.

7. Be artistic.
You can make amazing things in the Art Studio if you just let your creativity out. Submit your masterpiece to AJHQ, and remember that the only limit is your imagination. You can be the best artist in Jamaa if you let yourself be.

6. Live in the Art Studio.
See the last part of this article for ideas:

5. Go camping/'Live of the Land'
Coral Canyons is by far one of my favorite campsites. There is so much to 'eat' and gather, and it's the perfect place for a hike.

4. Make a fortune off of Swoopy Eagle.
I believe in you, little hatchling. I'm positive you can do better then me at the game!

3. Buy a den from the den shop with the money you got from Swoopy Eagle.
Be sure to preview them all! Even another small house is fun! (You could leave the small house decorated as a restaurant/museum/Alpha Training Camp and so whenever you want to do that, you just change to that den, no work necessary! You could also use multiple dens for an Airport, just be sure to make an epic vacation small house. Small houses are amazing!) If you give up on Swoopy Eagle yet still can't pay for your new den then play Best Dressed or even Long Shot until you can afford your new den.

2. Go for a swim.
It's fun, believe me.
It really is.
Do it.

1. Dress up as Peck and go to the Art Studio and pretend to be Peck. You can help jammers unleash their creative side, and have an 'Ask Peck'. Or can you pretend to be Peck's little sister/second cousin twice removed/(but not daughter, seriously, that's overused).

Play Wild!


  1. :D!!! I might try that den thingy (if I have enough den slots left XD)! Maybe I can do the... umm... the... Alpha Training Camp! I can take random, unpopular jammers and turn them into-you guessed it- an Alpha. Who knows, it might actually work. They might actually be treated like an Alpha by the Township XD

  2. Umm... Suzi... I have a question... about... something bad that... happened to... me. (PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE don't tell Nafaria9 about this! She'll be outraged D:) If you have an argument about how a blog is set up and how your comments and everyone else's comments dissapeared and it seems like you just got punched in the stomach and then kicked, what do you do? I feel like I've been kicked out of the Animal Jam Whip. I'm mad and sad at NAFARIA9... I want to make a blog better than hers... much better, what do I do? What do I tkae out my fury on?


    1. Don't fret, I was kind of kicked out too at one point, (me and Naffy are fine now and buddies again :3) because she took what I said really wrong, but my advice is just to let it cool down. If you guys are still mad and can't hug and make up quite yet, then maybe you should just keep your distance but don't try to make something better.

      I just want to add that blogging is not a competition, and I don't think you should write a blog just because you want to be 'better'. You should start a blog if your inspired and find some inner-blogger in you that you want to let out.

      After a day or two of cool-down, maybe you should approach her and explain it again, in a cool, non-offensive way. She probably just deleted your comments because she wants to keep a positive atmosphere and doesn't want to get any deeper in an argument (arguments don't benefit blogs at all). Keep in mind that it is her lbog and if you want a blog to be a certain way, then make a blog about it, and bloggers have a write to make their blog how they want it to be (most of my inspiration for this place is because this is a blog I'd want to read). If you both understand that advice is advice and opinions differ from person to person then I think it'll settle down. So, to shorten it.

      1. Cool down, and try not to hurt each other any more. Get out of the arguement and don't keep stoking the angry, hurtful fire.

      2. Come to Naffy again at a better time. Apologize, explain what needs to be explained. Don't approach her until both your hostilities have died down, as well as that angry fire called arguement. Explain what you want in a passive way, but it's her blog, and advice is advice but simple advice went too far. It sounds like you both have a thing or two to learn. Don't worry, you aren't in exile from the AJW, it just sounds like you guys need to cool down. Also, keep it in perspective. Animal Jam is pixals and is a little game (we still love it, though). Mean words are very real and hurtful in real life, even if it does come from pixals. A little virtual game isn't worth real-life hurt.

      I also want to point out that jammer-alphas don't get much glory, they work behind the scenes to make Jamaa a better place. I like to give them jobs like 'So and so, you need to bring Jammers together in equality because tigether they can stop the phantoms. So and So 2, you are made for being a trainer. I cannot train every jammer, and I need you to train some for yourself. Etc.)

      I am glad you enjoy this blog, it really encourages me, but I rather you not compare it to any other blog.

    2. Thanks, but... yeah. Thanks. Naffy and I just made up a few days ago, yay!!!

      And I love all AJ blogs, including the AJW. I just... kinda want to make another one, how do I do that? Do I use "Blogger"...?

  3. I didn't realize how long my answer was, wow o,o

  4. And OMG!OMG!OMG! I absolutley LOVE this BLOG!! Especially the Alpha Training Camp article. You should see how many recruits I have!

  5. No, really. Ask some of my buddies. They'll say it's awesome.
    You really should.
    Do it.

  6. I have an Alpha Roleplay (no more ppl can enter sorry) and I pretend to be alphas
    My friends and I are daughter or sons of alphas adopted or not like I am the daughter of Amelia
    I have a training camp, Alpha dens,and some rooms. Woop


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