Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Den Spotlight: Kalahurikub's Beach Resort!

*No, I don't know Kala at all. I just stumbled upon her den at Jamaa Township, and decided to write a post about it to inspire other jammers. Her permission has been given for this post! If you want me to spotlight your den, comment below*

Den Spotlight: Kalahurikub's Beach Resort

Hey guys!

Have you considered making a beach resort now that Summer is here? Well, I found a really awesome beach resort to get your inspiration flowing! 

A classy entrance, and a hinting at the color theme of the party.

I walk into a den and I see ice cream tables, as well as a beautiful wallpaper and a nice corner-fountain. Honestly, it's not the betas that make it good. It's the perfect placing of the betas, just like any other item. It doesn't matter if it's a seahorse fountain or a beta fountain, it depends on how well you use it. 

The beta fountain, the pillows and the walls give further hints to the color theme.

A beautiful resteraunt! It's very neat and tidy, as well as more color theming! I suppose you figured out what the color scheme was by now...

I love the themed rooms, and the use of an entire den set for a room theme, AND I love how it keeps the beach theme.

A beautiful jacuzzi, with the color scheme blasted loud and clear! Yellow and orange!

Unfortunately, the den owner didn't have towels or umbrellas for the wonderful beach at the time of the screenshots being taken, but I'm sure by the time this post comes up that minor flaw will be fixed, and I'm sure it'll be yellow and orange! Lemonade and Orange Juice, two summer drinks. I love that color scheme, it's so very summery!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, and better yet, inspired! I recommend dropping by Kalahurikub's den! 

So, now for tip time!

1. Keep a theme, like beach resort. Every room had a bit of beach, whether the treasure map in the restaurant or the fountain in the ice cream part, and of course the sand castle room!

2. Keep a color scheme! While many of you (I included) may not be able to pull off the color scheme being relevant to the theme like Kalihurikub did, be sure to try! Also, a color can be a theme. Go make a purple and pink den and invite me!

3. Arrange your items. Kalihurikub's den is very neat and every item is in the perfect spot where it can compliment the den to it's very finest!

Also, I know Kali was a member but I've seen some amazing nonmember dens as well... I'll try to spotlight a nonmember den next!

For more den decorating info, I recommend visiting an old, yet popular post: Ten Tricks to Den Improvement

Have fun decorating your dens, jammers, and may the epic den list be with you!


  1. Dear Suzi00,
    I would like my den to be "Highlighted", or at least recognized for it's beauty and/or organization. (Not many people visit my den anyways, be it pool party or restaurant!) I'm still deciding on the theme, but can you tell me which one you like the most out of the list at the bottom? Thanks! And, BTW, I might stray from the theme a little! D:

    Peace, Love, and Cupcakes,

    *Here's that list I wanted you to see! Thx again!!

    - Hotel/Motel
    - Pool Party
    - Temple
    - "Ask an Alpha" Game Show Thing
    - Modern Home
    - Zoo
    - Phantom Fight School
    - Best Guess

    ... thanks for deciding! I REALLY need help with my den D:
    Peace, Love, and Cupcakes,
    Wildkrattsisawesome (again)

    1. actually no game show
      u no who

    2. Whichever idea you like the best!

    3. Hey hey! Sorry I spent so much time off (I've been playing Chicken Smoothie, Nitro Type, and of course Animal jam!) and I haven't really thought about this. Luckily I JUST remembered and came by! Sooooo... maybe my all- new, all- jammer Alpha Training Camp! I'll show u whenever u and I r on at the same time. -wildkrattsisawesome

  2. Suzi00,
    I am your biggest fan!!!! I anxiously wait for your new posts! I wish I could blog like you. I love orange and yellow too. And summer. And jacuzzis. BTW, why does your wolf look like it is dead on your SUZI00 signature?

    1. It's actually just rolling over! Princess Arcticspirit is in perfect health ;)


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