Thursday, July 16, 2015

Friendships across the language barrier

Hey jammers,

Today I have made friends that I didn't say a word of english to. I have played adventures and have had nice conversations with people who spoke a language I didn't. The jammers I talked to said I had pretty good Portuguese.

Anyone know what I'm saying in these pictures? Open up your translator and call it practice! I'm speaking Portuguese.

I had to use Google Translate as well as my mad typing skills =P (being a writer pays off y'know).

It's amazing the moment you understand what a person is saying even though you don't speak their language. It's even more amazing when you make a friend or two... 

How do you visit another country, or at least a different language server? It's simple, this video here made by the lovely Snowyclaw explains how:

Unless your fluent in whatever language server you go to, you'll need a translator. I recommend 

I advise having two windows up so you can look at the different-language chat while translating at the same time! 

Be sure to look at the servers list so you can get the most full server of your language! 

If you have made a friend, played an adventure or have even won a Best Guess round while in a different language server, let me know! I'd love to hear any stories you may have!

May the language barrier never separate you from making lots of new friends!

Here's a few Portuguese words you might want to use if you choose to go to that server:

Sim = Yes

Naõ = No

Oi = Hello

Troca = Trade

Also, you know how when using the limited chat it shows words you can choose as you type so you don't have to type the whole word? It does the same for servers of different languages, and it also does it for accent characters (like ˜ ˆ ç) so you don't have to use special keyboard shortcuts you make the accent symbols. It's SO handy!

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