Friday, July 17, 2015

Quick Tip: Exclusive Llama Color and lightened secret 'glitch' raspberry!

Hey jammers!

I have recently discovered that newly-purchased Llamas have a special color that cannot be found on the palette!

Do you see color one? It's a shade of tan that's not accessible on any other animal! You can see that color one doesn't show any color selected. No, that doesn't mean that somehow I magically 'unselected' a color, it means it's a secret, exclusive color! BUT if you select a different color for Color 1 on your Llama that means you will never be able to use that color on that llama again! 'Oh, but Suzi!' you exclaim. 'I already selected a different color one, but that tan is just SO amazing and I want it SO much!'. Unfortunately if you want to have access to that color again you'll have to pay 500 gems. It's pretty simple: recycle your llama and then get a new one (since you already paid the 10 diamonds it's only 1000 gems like a normal animal, but you got 500 already from recycling it). If you want you can name it the same exact thing as your previous llama (that's what I did). Now, once when you have your llama you can customize it as much as you like, but whatever you do DON'T change Color 1 (the top color). Or, if you don't want to pay 500 gems to get that color, it's only a slight shade off from the other tans, but you won't get the super-douper fancy SPECIAL tan. The choice is yours.

And for all jammers, I have a bit of interesting news! The secret Best Dressed raspberry has turned into a light pink! That's right: if the raspberry was too intense for you, have a nice, soft pink!
I'm not sure if the same raspberry color of glitched items/animals has also changed to this pink. Someone let me know if this is so! Don't worry, the much-loved 'arctic blue' (that is found the same way as the pink except out of best dressed) hasn't changed! If anyone is wants to get these secret colors then just click around on the bottom left lavender's corner, on the tan part right outside the color box.

That's all for today, folks. I hope you learned a thing or two! Let me know which is your favorite secret color! 

Ooooo... You read below my signature! I'm impressed! As a reward for your grand feat, I'll let you in on one more secret: if you miss the secret raspberry, then look at the default pattern of an owl! 

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