Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to Host a Party in a Party

Weird title? Yep!


Hey Jammers! I did the coolest thing today (actually, I'm currently doing it).

I am so excited! Anyway, so the story goes that the Bouncy Party came on! It just came out today ^O^

I partied, and partied, and partied some more. Here are some shots to prove it:

Anyway, so when you go into the Bouncy House your animal automatically starts jumping instead of walking, and jumps extra high too!

Well, so the party ended, but I was still there, partying.

And then, I jamagrammed my buddies, telling them to teleport to me to access the Bouncy House party! They did, and invited their buddies. I also got a duplicate to find people in Jamaa, buddy them, and have them teleport to me at the Bouncy Party. So the party was actually FULL because of me :3

We all had so much fun!

So, we had a party after a party. I could invite who I wished, and it was perfect! Did you know the bouncy house party has its own music?? The bouncy house party even has jumping and sliding sound effects! Pawsome, as my buddy, Rosy Daisyeyes, said in the picture.

Anyway, you can try this with ANY party! So, all you have to do is go to a party (or have a duplicate wait at it for you) until it ends, and then most of the people will be gone at most ten minutes after it ends. The place is yours! 

Have fun hosting your party-after-a-party jammers!


(For some reason, I feel like I sound like the upbeat AJHQ writing style, addressing everyone as jammers! :3 I have better grammar then AJHQ though.)


  1. HI Suzi! I heard about you and your drama free blog in the Animal Jam Whips comments! Im excited to see awesome posts!

    1. Tacocat101???? Omg what in the world is going on.

  2. Thanks Taco.

    Life has been getting me down and I want the Animal Jam Good Times to lift up, not bring down. I just hope I haven't hurt Naffy's feelings :(

    Sorry about the imposter.

  3. Wow! Thanks for the whole party-after-a-party thingy! I'm SO gonna try that sometime! It. Will. Be. Totally. AWESOME!!!


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