Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eagles in Land Adventures!

So, AJHQ fixed the glitch. You can't have a land/sea animal in Forgotten Desert. But there is a loophole. While you can't change animals while hosting adventures when you go from ocean to dry land and vice versa, you CAN change animals while going from ocean to dry land DENS! So, yay!


So, thats nice :3

I think the seal is lucky... I got a beta on the Forgotten Desert! It was from something like green or orange. Of course, AJ isn't about rares, so it honestly doesn't matter if anyone has a beta or not. 

Enjoy the new update! Greely's Den is pretty cool!


Note to Greely: Don't be rude. I know where you live o3o


  1. Weird! I wondered what happened to that other glitch. It was fun!

  2. Well really glitches usually aren't supposed to be there so I U_s_u_a_l_l_y don't mess with them but this time it seems really cool....

  3. Can you tell me how to do the glitch?

    1. If you are a member you need to 1. Turn into an eagle on land 2. Go underwater and turn into a seal or penguin 3. Host an adventure and 4. Go to your (dry land) den and you'll be your eagle hosting. 5. Leave your den and go to a land, and then play the adventure.

      If you want to be a seall/penguin in Forgotten Desert, basically do the opposite. Be an eagle on land hosting the adventure and then go to your underwater den and then go back on normal land.

      I'm not sure when this glitch will be fixed, enjoy it while it lasts!


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