Friday, January 23, 2015

Epic Den Interviews

Me: How did your den become an epic den?

Her: I don't know, today I became a member and then random people showed up.

Me: Did they talk to you?

Her: Yes, we asked them for gifts, I'm poor. They said epic and awesome den.

Me: Did you get a jamagram or anything saying your den was epic?

Her: Lots of million

Me: What was your reaction?

Her: 'Wow, they really like me'.

Me: Do you have any advice for people who want epic dens?

Her: Be calm and get a random den with friends. Be yourself.

Me: Did you know I interviewed a few people a few months back? They had epic dens as well, but it was unexpected and they didn't host a party or anything.

From other interviews I learned that they just decorated their den well and people came... and then they got an epic den. Weird... Anywho, one person's tip was to decorate your den well in your own style and your own way! Give each room a special theme or touch and you might just get an epic den.

Unfortunately, the most epic of nonmember dens can't be epic dens :-(

It would be cool to start an epic den list right on this blog, for member and nonmembers alike. I could give you like a howl plaque if I can obtain enough. How does that sound?

I'm posting more to make up for my huge lack of posts the time I was sick D:

Have a good day/night/morning/evening, jammers!


P.S. Ever wanted to meet Peck? There is a cheerful and an adorable New Jammer tutorial thingamabobber. Want to see it? Make a new account. (I have 20-something o3o).


  1. Replies
    1. One of the people with an epic den, I forgot the username. It wasn't as official as the other AJGT interviews.

  2. Hello!! I heart AJ so much!! Anyhow, what I wanted to say is that once my Winter Palace den became Epic I had just been decorating it up and my goal HAD been to make it Epic!! I noticed it when, like, a million people were in my den and I was like,"Omg is my den now an Epic Den??!!" So I checked the Epic Den list and THERE IT WAS!! On the TOP ROW!! Magicold38! My username!!


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