Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friendship Parties are here!

Hey Jammers!

Just a friendly, neighborhood reminder to check your party list for the returning Friendship parties! If you like pink, purple and well-decorated princess castles (as well as roses, hearts, shopping music... oh, and friendship of course!) then you'll probably enjoy the friendship party! But I can't speak for you, go check it out yourself :3

If you like pink, purple, hearts, roses, sky high music, candy and burrows as well as friendship festivals, then you can check out my den, it's all decked out! Purple is my favorite color but I didn't know I had so many pink stuff... Yay!

Friendship Party is a great party, but I wish they'd change the music x.x

The people at AJHQ are pawsome decorators, don't you think?

Also, forty views away from 3,000 views! I've had a lot of votes on my poll, so how does a meet-up at my Sky Kingdom with a mini-giveaway of simple rares and then a cross-Jamaa camping trip sounds? Would you attend something like that? I hope so!

I've been taking my time for the party because the 1,000 views party was depressing... At least my plushies showed up!

This is a wimpy post because I'm lazy... If I can get 3 people to ask for me to write a member airport post, then I will! o3o

Have a nice time in reality, Animal Jam and this blog (in order of importance), jammers!


(Should I get a signature?)


  1. That would be fun! I would definitely come! :D

  2. yes to member airport! when's the party?

  3. I will come to party. Post member airport OR BE DOOMED BY WAFFLES......

  4. One more comment asking about it and I'll post it. .

    It's funny, because my IRL hamster is named Waffles O,o

    So glad that people want to come to my party. Perhaps I shall post a date soon... or will I?!

  5. I will come if it's on a time I can come. xP

    You should get a signature. You can make one for free at cooltext.com, or I can make one for you if you want. Just 'cause I'm bored. :3

  6. I will be there!! What time?? And yes-- get a signature--they are cool!!!!


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