Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nonmember Airport

So, long ago I promised an airport post. I finally will get to that, but I'll make my first post nonmember only. I have been earning gems and spending time on my nonmember duplicate to make this airport, and it might cost roughly three thousand gems for the whole thing. First off, I'll show you all the pics.

                              This is my waiting area, while i'm getting people everyone who arrives waits here.
This is the front desk and the security. I usually station a duplicate, or a buddy with a script at the desk. The jammer who sits at the desk tells everyone about the flight, and instructs people to sit in the waiting area until you board the plane. I usually have a set time for the flight, with a fancier plane I had I made it eight minutes. I would make this flight four-six minutes long.

Behold the wonderful plane, with the toilet in the corner.

You'll also see the snacks that can be moved around by the den owner to dispense to guests, and the pilot's seat, complete with a moon window.

This over here is den number two, the destination. Here are the beds where jammers can sleep at, because it is a hotel. I'm assuming jammers won't stay very long at the destination, because people expect big, fancy member hotels. My advice is to enjoy the journey, for both pilot and passenger.

Here is the eating area, where you can call jammers for meals. 

Of course, the post isn't done yet! I need to invite some jammers and report on how things went!

'Scuse me for a moment, going to run an airport.


So, not very many people came and it was a little dissapointing. Member airports are bigger, attract more people and can be more fun to run sometimes, but in the end it depends on creativity and advertising! I got more people for the hotel, and that was nice. Anyway, be creative and have fun with your airport, jammers! Member Version of this coming soon! :3



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